Aino: Carrots are yummy..


Aino is a calm and collected girl who is not very used to using a lot of energy. She's often lazy and quiet and unintentionally startles people because they don't realize she's right behind them. She's also very curious about her surroundings and she often gets stuff confused. For instance, she gets Romaji confused with Romanian.



Aino treats Kai like a friend but unfortunately, Kai despises Aino for various reasons. The first time they met, Kai had pulled Aino's bunny ears out of anger and jealousy. Aino was oblivious and thought that Kai was playing a silly game. The main reason why Kai doesn't like Aino is because Aino is always around Nekane.



  • Aino may sound like a strange name in Japanese because it's actually a Finnish name.
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