Miharu: Now that I think about it.. I only hang out with Ryouta and Ryouta only.. I'm not really close with my other friends..




Momo Kawasaki

Miharu and Momo are cousins. They are very close and they chat very often mainly because they are in the same grade. Momo is one of the very few people that Miharu interacts with often.

Tomoko Yamazaki

Miharu is very grateful for Tomoko because Tomoko is the one who got Ryouta and Miharu together. They hang out with one another sometimes with their other friends.


Miharu and Yori are friends. They know each other well but they only hang out every once in a while. 

Hikari Sato

Miharu and Hikari are friends, but Miharu is very envious of Hikari's figure and wishes that she had a body like Hikari's.

Hikkamori Sato

Miharu and Hikkamori don't really know each other well, despite that they are friends. Miharu often talks about gory subjects with Hikkamori which caused Hikkamori to develop a slight fear of Miharu. But, they get along well. 

Ryouta Izumi

The second boyfriend Miharu has ever had. Miharu loves Ryouta with all her heart and she often hangs out with him more than anyone. They have been together for a year.





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