Momo: I wish I was a second year..




Yori Momo is secretly in love with Yori. She is deeply attached to her and is willing to protect her at all costs. She loves spending time with Yori and wants Yori all to herself.

Tomoko Yamazaki

Momo is envious of Tomoko, mainly because Tomoko and Yori have a much closer relationship than Yori and Momo. Tomoko is very protective of Momo which makes  Momo feel like a child. But, Tomoko and Momo are very good friends and they hang out with Yori together.

Hikari Sato

Momo hates Hikari. She views Hikari as a threat because she believes that Hikari has affection for Yori. When they are left alone together, they often argue with each other and insult each other. They try to keep their hatred for each other a secret.

Hikkamori Sato

Hikkamori and Momo are both very close friends. Hikkamori likes to give Momo advice on love despite not having experience with love herself. Hikkamori acts affectionate towards Momo despite not having any romantic feelings towards her. 

Miharu Kawasaki

Miharu and Momo are cousins. They are very close and they chat with each other often, since they are in the same grade.




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