You may all know me as that Keronian bitch that hates everyone. Sure, I hate everyone. But, there’s someone I actually like out of all of you people. Someone, you wouldn’t really expect for me to actually like. I mean.. After all, she’s crazy. Well that someone is Kuru. I love Kuru. She loves me. The 2 of us fight over the stupidest things and tend to hit each other a lot. Despite doing that, I still love her. She’s like my mom. She’s very affectionate towards me. She even likes to turn me into a baby or just force me to wear a diaper. She taught me everything after she found me on Pekopon. When I turned into a human, I didn’t know how to put on clothes so Kuru taught me how to wear clothes. She even bought me clothes! But, she can be an idiot sometimes. Watching Keroro Gunsou with her is fun as well.  I guess my secret is that I love Kuru. Actually...I have a bigger secret. But that’s a secret that I don’t want anyone to know! Not even Kuru!

The End. I guess?


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