Narrator: Quit slacking off, Author!!

Author: I'm sorry!! I can't help it!! *sob*

Narrator: You can! You just need to try harder!





Narrator works with Author, by helping her revise her stories. But, they often spend time together, even when they're not working. Narrator is very protective of Author and treats her like a child, despite having a crush on her. She often scolds Author when Author isn't doing her schoolwork or is just procrastinating. Even so, Author is very affectionate towards Narrator while Narrator is very violent. Narrator is violent because she doesn't want Author to know about her feelings for her. (Author is still oblivious regardless)



  • Narrator was originally going to be a ghost who is a crybaby, but the Author scrapped that idea.
  • Narrator is only attracted to girls.
  • Narrator's astrological sign is Aries.
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