Pip: I don't like being yelled at...It's scary... *sob*


Pip is almost never happy, as he is always cautious and nervous about everything he does. He's very sensitive, emotional, and it's easy to make him cry. Pip is practically scared of everything and feels as if the world is out to get him.



Princess and Pip are very close friends, (which makes Prince Pipi very jealous of envious of Pip.) Princess has always given Pip a lot of love and tried to help him realize that the world is not out to get him. However, her attempts never seem to work because of Prince Pipi. Princess always comes to comfort Pip when he's crying or just upset. Princess and Pip have a mother and son relationship. They both happen to see it that way.




  • Pip is also known as "Nervous Pipi", but to prevent confusion, he is nicknamed as "Pip".
  • Pip has a habit of shaking and twitching a lot.
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