This is the first edition of The Random Notebook. It ran from November 21st 2016 to February 27th 2017.


This edition of The Random Notebook contains mostly drawings and comics. There are some journal entries and recipes as well.


  • Author (featured in every journal entry and in one mini story)
  • Narrator (featured in a majority of journal entries)
  • Bunny-chan (featured in a couple journal entries and in one mini story)
  • Owl (only featured in mini story)

Content (taken from the notebook)

Nov 21 2016

Welcome! I see that you have found this notebook....

There are going to be a majority of things in this random notebook.

Such as...

Journal Entries

Journal Entries about my boring life, my thoughts and more!


Recipes that I might make my mom try in the future.


I like drawing, so there'll be lots of comics.


I'm very interested in other languages, so my notes will be in here.

PS. This is the only time I'll write this neat. So prepare for some unreadable shit! :P

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