This is the tenth edition of The Random Notebook. It ran from March 16th, 2018 to May 8th, 2018.


This edition contains mostly journal entries, comics, drawings and facts about countries.


Content (taken from notebook)

March 16 2018

Hello and Welcome to the 10th edition of the random notebook. I can't believe we're already on the 10th book. Anyway, I'll give you a list of who's allowed to read this notebook. There's only room for 6 people.

(note (this isnt part of the notebook) im not putting the list because this is public and i want to protect my own privacy and the ppl who are on the list's privacy)

Anyway. Here's a recap on what's in this notebook.

Journal Entries

Basically shit about my uninteresting life. And some ranting.


Sometimes I put recipes in here. but not really.


As you should know, drawing is my life so you'll see comics in here. 99% will be unfinished.

Languages & Countries

I'm a cultural freak so you'll see stuff about languages and countries.


I LOVE HOROSCOPES so you'll see facts about the zodiac signs in here.

that's pretty much it. so, see you later~!


  • This notebook ran for nearly 2 months.
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