This is the second edition of the Random Notebook. It ran from January 25th, 2017 to June 1st, 2017.


This edition contained mostly drawings and comics. There were also some recipes along with some journal entries and things about the zodiac signs.


  • Author (appears in every single journal entry + a comic)
  • Narrator (appears in a majority of journal entries)
  • Lizzy-chan (appears in *unfinished* comic)

Content (taken from the notebook)

Jan 25 2017

Oh hihi~ I see that you have found dis notebook~ You're not getting a "Welcome"! Cause this is the second "Journal".

Ok here is a recap on what dis notebook will have!

Journal Entries

Shit about my boring life, possibly my dirty thoughts and fangirling about how cute kerotama is and possibly notes for my book, 100 Ways to Die. And some of my shippings.


I sorta like trying new foods so a few recipes might be in here, I'll probably try a few myself.


There will be a lot of comics, but some of them will be unfinished.


I am very (x8) interested in languages. So my notes will be in here.


So my drawings of my OCs are going to be in this notebook...

PS: this is the second journal.

also I forgot.


I love horoscopes, so they'll be in this notebook.

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