This is the 4th edition of The Random Notebook. It ran from May 26th, 2017 to July 12th, 2017.


This edition contained, mostly journal entries, drawings, and comics.


Content (taken from notebook)

May 26 2017

Welcome to dis note book! The summer Edition!

What this notebook will have..

Journal Entries

Whining, crying and everything nice! basically me being a fangirl.


You'll never see them, lol, the 3rd notebook did not have a single recipie. recipe.


There will be lots of comics, but the thing is... they- or most of them will be unfinished.


I'm a cultural freak and I love love LOVE languages! So there will probably be a lot of that in here!

Characters/One Shots/Stories

so there will probably be a lot of stories in here because I NEED to improve on my writing. I'm also planning on making new characters.


I'm a zodiac trash so expect like a BUNCH of horoscopes that are BS. yet addictive.

*PS* there will be tons of drawings!

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