This is the fifth edition of The Random Notebook. It ran from July 24th, 2017 to July 29th, 2017.


This edition contained mostly drawings and journal entries. Along with some comics.


Content (taken from notebook)

July uhh.. 24!

Whoa.. We're already on the 5th edition of the Random Notebook..

As you can tell.. something is definitely different here..

Yep! This notebook is wide ruled.

Anyway.. Let's introduce people!

Kuru (aka Author)

I am the one who started this thing! Basically.. I draw and write almost everything in here. Also- journal entries are in my point of view.


She basically gives me advice and calls me stupid.


You know that one character who makes a cameo in a show in almost every episode? This is basically Bunny-chan.


He's basically someone that almost everyone hates. So, me and my group give him some love..


She's literally the cinnamon roll of the group! Author loves her.. but is secretly jealous of her.

That's it for da characters, There's pretty much the same stuff but I added some sections


I actually have quite a few stories to tell! So I will tell them.. Hopefully they're interesting..

Pet Peeves

I actually have a TON of pet Peeves. You can basically rename this to "Kuru's Ranting Corner"!

That is all!!


  • This is the shortest edition in the entire The Random Notebook series.
  • The Random Notebook 5, 8 and 9 are the only editions in the series that were not decorated.
  • This is the only notebook in the series that is wide-ruled.
  • This is the only notebook in the series with a completely different set-up.

Some drawings from this notebook

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