This is the seventh edition of the Random Notebook. It ran from November 23rd, 2017 to January 9th 2018.


This edition contained mostly journal entries and horoscopes.


  • Author (appears in every single journal entry + comic)
  • Narrator (appears in a majority of journal entries)
  • Lizzy-chan (appears in some journal entries)
  • Bunny-chan (appears in some journal entries)
  • Owl (appears in a few journal entries)

Content (taken from notebook)

Nov 23 2017

Welcome to the 7th edition of the random notebook! As you can see, It's been a year since I've started this series. (This entire series all started on November 21st 2016)

Here's a recap on what's in this notebook.

Journal Entries

I talk about my life and rant about stuff, and some more things.


It's really rare to see them, but sometimes I write down recipes.


I love making comics. But, I tend to lose motivation, so 99% of the comics in here will be unfinished.


I'm a cultural freak, so you'll probably see facts about other countries in here.


I love the zodiacs so you'll probably see stuff about them in this notebook.


Stuff about my OCs will definitely be in here. Stories, drawings, etc. etc.

I think that's all that's in this notebook.. So..


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