Quite a few characters on this wiki have had their birthdays in the month of August and September. I would like to give them a shoutout because I love them so much.

Shoutout to Agi! Her birthday was on August 7th. I would like to wish her a belated birthday. This year she would be 16.

Shoutout to Imadori Kenji! His birthday was on the 15th of August. Happy belated birthday to him. He would be 16 this year as well.

Next, we have our September babies!

Shoutout to Tomohiko! Her birthday was on the 10th of September. This year she would be 16. Happy birthday to her!

Shoutout to the one and only, Momo Kawasaki! Her birthday was on the 21st of September. It may have been the 23rd.. She would be 18 this year!

i actually dont know because my notebook and the wiki i originally posted her on says 2 different dates oops

Shoutout to my favorite, Kumari Armando! I love her a lot. Her birthday was on the 28th of September, which was yesterday! She would be 15 today.

That is all for my birthday shoutouts for the month of August and September!


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