warning: this is literally just me rambling and its dumb

ok so im too lazy to do oc of the month but.... i just wanted to say something.



I can't believe it. It's been awhile. 

It hasn't grown, mainly because I don't really want it to.. (If it grows I have to go on here more to moderate people but I start school next week and I'll forget) 

But, I'm happy. It was really fun making this wiki and contributing to it. I love keeping track of my characters and stuff.

Just wish there was a way to make the wiki private.. I made a discord server that's pretty similar to this but I just use it as a place to fangirl and shit

I made this wiki cause I thought it would be cool to see my characters on a wiki page ig? And to pretend that I have my own anime or some shit lol

but like i do have my own series.. The Random Notebook is an actual series, like its not public, but its a series for myself, i made it so i could look back at my old self ig.. and old drawings.. its basically a diary which is why it isnt public.. i'd publish it but i'd have to censor so much that it wouldnt really be the random notebook anymore.. and honestly if people read it, they wouldn't like me. they'd think im a whiny ungrateful child. which i was.. and still am ig. im definitely far from mature

WTF AM I EVEN SAYING?! i hope nobodys reading this lmao

anyway, this wiki is SUPER cringy since its from nearly 2 years ago, but its fun. for me at least. 

if there's other people looking at the pages.. then im super embarrassed

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